Holston Conference Historical Society of the United Methodist Church exists to tell the fascinating story of the people of faith in our region (East Tennessee, southwest Virginia, northwest Georgia, and portions of surrounding states) who found the saving grace of our savior, Jesus Christ and attempted to influence their world with their faithful response to his teaching.  A faithful rendering of that story not only tells of successes but also includes times of conflict and despair.  This site is dedicated to the whole story of churches, individuals, districts, and the conference organizations that have made up what we now call the United Methodist Church in the Holston territory.

Here you will find resources, articles, and other work from our society.  The society is partnering with the Holston Conference Commission on Archives and History to preserve, interpret and celebrate our history even as we look forward to the future of God’s work in our region.

We invite anyone with interest in Holston History of the UMC to join our society.  Dues are $10 per year.  Send dues payable to “Holston Historical Society” to Treasurer Robert L. George, PO Box 2424, Cleveland, TN 37320

Current Officers of the Society:

President:  Reverend Brad Scott, 213 Central Street West, Sweetwater, TN 37874

Vice President:  Reverend Chris Brown, 211 Sanders St, Blountville, TN 37617

Secretary:  Reverend Joseph Manis, PO Box 176, Jasper, TN 37347-0176

Treasurer:  Robert L. George, PO Box 2424, Cleveland, TN 37320

Conference Historian:  Reverend Roy Howard, 1317 Blocker Ln, Chattanooga, TN 37412-1457

Archivist:  Daniel Ferkin, Tennessee Wesleyan University, Athens, TN, 423-746-5226,


Heritage Landmarks of United Methodism within the Conference Boundaries:

Acuff’s Chapel, Blountville, Tennessee

Edward Cox House, Bluff City, Tennessee

Keywood Marker, Glade Springs, Virginia

Acuff’s Chapel, the oldest Methodist Church on Tennessee soil. Blountville, TN